Killer Goose Films

About KGF

Killer Goose Films are the makers of the award-winning short film “Three Guys, One Hole“, the award-nominated “Feed A” and other shorts, as well as documentaries and web series. Our films have screened at the Garden State Film Festival, the Action On Film Festival, the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, the 48 Hour Film Project and many others.

New Jersey natives, the producers of Killer Goose Films have worked in the New York metropolitan area since 2008. The seven co-founders of the company believe in collaborative filmmaking and thrive on the passion of those we work with. Whether it be a short, a documentary, a web series or a feature, we endeavor to deliver quality and innovation to our viewers. Quite simply we make the films we would want to see; it is our sincerest hope that we inspire and at the very least, entertain those who watch them.